“I finished the book last Friday.  I just loved it!”   –K.R.

“Such a nice read Dana Wright!  I loved sharing your afternoons with our friend, Darrell Staedtler. There were several cool Dana phrases throughout the book but my favorite was “And possibility gave the story a pulse so it could be a memory”. Perfectly Dana.”   –D.M.

“Saving stories is so wonderful….i enjoyed the subject, no doubt, but your style of writing it made it all come to life easy breezy. Of course the Denver City insert was priceless since i was there and knew the “streaker” well…congrats girl ive already recommended it and will again.”  –S.B.J.

“Dana, just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the book!!! Could have easily read it in one seating cause I didn’t want to put it down. You are amazing and loved learning all about Darrell and his stories!!!”  –P.E.

“Already finished the Darrell book.  Awesome read.”  –J.C.

“Dana, I finished your book last night and loved every page of it! It was fun to relive some stories I’d heard and many I’d never heard before. Thank you for capturing these stories with the beauty of your voice and the heart of his soul. All the sections of your commentary about how this writing journey affected you after the loss of your father always started the waterworks! I appreciate and applaud your contribution to his legacy as there is so much gold in these pages for us all to enjoy in the years to come. Thank you!”  –D.S.