Saving Stories: Afternoons with Darrell


Saving Stories:  Afternoons with Darrell, is a story inside a story.  When writer Dana Knox Wright moved to a small town in Texas, she began to hear bits and pieces of stories about an old songwriter in town who once wrote a number one hit for George Strait.  With a passion for bringing old things back to life, she sought out Darrell Staedtler.  She found him aging, in declining health and very much without an audience.  She asked if he would tell her his stories and he did.  They spent hours together in the summer of 2013,  as stories poured out of Darrell---stories about playing the blues during desegregation.  About sitting in Patsy Cline's living room as she listened to his songs.  About a day spent with Burl Ives.  Stories about growing up poor.  About a Nashville writing contract and a hit song before finishing college.   Saving Stories is a collection of Darrell Staedtler's stories.  But It is also the story of an unlikely friendship between an old songwriter who needed an audience and  a middle-aged writer who needed a purpose.

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A Pigeon Tale


The only thing Paloma the Pigeon ever wanted was a place to call home. One day her wish came true when a little girl found her and took her home to a magical place. But when a hawk comes and carries Paloma far away, she wonders if she’ll ever find her way home.

A Pigeon Tale is a story of longing, friendship, courage and hope, with the power of music woven through it all. It is a story of “home” based on the true story of a very real little girl and her very real pigeon named Paloma.