Holding On Loosely

“Everything resolved when I opened my hands.  Everything!”

When Dana Knox Wright turned fifty, she began turning loose of fear. She started hiking in places where bears and mountain lions live. She began riding wild rivers. She ate wild berries from bushes where foxes also feasted, with only mild concern for contracting rabies! But fear wasn’t the only thing needing to be loosed in her life. One unhanding led to another.

In HOLDING ON LOOSELY: Opening My Hands, Lightening My Load and Seeing Something Else, Dana Knox Wright’s storytelling weaves its way through her ordinary life—a life hardwired to cling. To her children when they asked for a blessing to go. To someone else’s ideas, when she didn’t trust her own. She held on to prejudice when she would tell you she didn’t. She clung to youthfulness as if what would come next couldn’t be her life’s cherry on top.

In a dark season of her life, Dana Knox Wright recognized that her bent to possess, to keep, to hold tightly, and to control was completely contrary to Jesus’ example. This is one woman’s history of holding on and her stories of turning loose—of the gentle and firm, humorous and heartbreaking ways God guided her to let go, to live minimally from the inside out, and to embrace the beauty of enough.

August 2021. Hardback. 6×9.
Price: $19.99

The story behind HOLDING ON LOOSELY

Releasing August 17

Holding On Loosely