Holding On Loosely

“Everything resolved when I opened my hands.  Everything!”

When Dana Knox Wright turned fifty, she began turning loose of fear. She started hiking in places where bears and mountain lions live. She began riding wild rivers. She ate wild berries from bushes where foxes also feasted, with only mild concern for contracting rabies! But fear wasn’t the only thing needing to be loosed in her life. One unhanding led to another.

In HOLDING ON LOOSELY: Opening My Hands, Lightening My Load and Seeing Something Else, Dana Knox Wright’s storytelling weaves its way through her ordinary life—a life hardwired to cling. To her children when they asked for a blessing to go. To someone else’s ideas, when she didn’t trust her own. She held on to prejudice when she would tell you she didn’t. She clung to youthfulness as if what would come next couldn’t be her life’s cherry on top.

In a dark season of her life, Dana Knox Wright recognized that her bent to possess, to keep, to hold tightly, and to control was completely contrary to Jesus’ example. This is one woman’s history of holding on and her stories of turning loose—of the gentle and firm, humorous and heartbreaking ways God guided her to let go, to live minimally from the inside out, and to embrace the beauty of enough.

August 2021. Hardback. 6×9.
Price: $19.99

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"I kept reading, I couldn't put the book down. I felt like Dana had been living my life, and walking in my shoes. The stories felt like soothing balm for my heart, a gentle reminder that I'm not alone on this journey. Oh I think you will feel the same when you read these stories, just like Dana's been walking in your shoes too."
–Tara Royer Steele
Author, Eat. Pie. Love.

"In the pages of Holding on Loosely, Dana Knox Wright takes your hand and invites you on a journey of letting go, of opening your hands to yield all that you hold tightly. She knows that hands open to give can't help but receive. Dana's comforting voice speaks truth that may not always be comfortable - but is greatly needed. You'll come away inspired to live with greater understanding and ultimate peace."
– Ronne Rock
Long-road walker and author of One Woman Can Change the World

"I haven't read a book in ages that has made me so optimistic about the world that we live in; and how with people like Dana Knox Wright in it, it will be okay."
–Rachel Deeming

"Dana Knox Wright's personal history is inspirational reading with moving stories and a whole load of hard earned wisdom––a wonderful book."
Must Read. 5 Stars
–Reedsy Discovery Review

"I've laughed and cried and agreed so many times...my goodness this book is amazing Thanks for writing it for me."
-Julie T.

"I've cried twice this year. Once when I graduated college, and once after reading only one chapter of this book. Sometimes it takes a good story written by a faithful woman gifted with words to realize you're holding on tightly."
–Justyn Tedder
Oil & Gas Public Affairs Associate, Washington, D.C.

"I had the privilege of reading an advanced copy. You will want your own copy to read and ponder and read again!"
-Cindy C.

"Holding On Loosely is a beautiful and thoughtful read! I am so thankful for Dana's words of wisdom as she delves into motherhood, friendship and so many other experiences and pulls back the curtain to reveal the underneath that we all understand: the challenge it is to be human yet surrendered to something greater than ourselves."
–Jaleesa McCreary
Worship Leader, The Austin Stone

"This is a timely treasure."
-Valerie M.

"Dana, thank you so much for the gift of holding your words in my hands. I cried. I laughed. I remembered things from childhood. There were times I felt you lived in my brain. You put words to so many things we have to come to terms with and you did it beautifully with only three: holding on loosely."
–Carol Howard
Speaker and Creator of Leaving a Legacy Conference

The story behind HOLDING ON LOOSELY

Holding On Loosely